NSW List of Licensed Jockeys for the 1902 Season

The A.J.C. on 31 July 1902 issued the following list of licensed jockeys for the current season:—

William Atkins

John Banks
James Barden
John Borcini
Cyril C. Bolten
William Boyle
William Edward Bradshaw
Russell Brennan
James Brooks
Edward Burtenshaw

John Callinan
Daniel Carmody
John Chevalley
Emanuel Cleal
A. B. C. Colley

John Davis
Charles Augustus Dean
William Delaney
Patrick Fallon

Clarence Farmer
James Farquhareon
Henry Farrell
Frank Fielder

Cecil T. D. Godby
Charles M. Godby
Arthur Gorman
John Henry Gorman
John Gough
Thomas Grimes

James J. Hartigan
Frederick A. Hickey
John Hourigan
Percy L. Houseman
Sidney Houseman
George Milner Hough
Edward L. Humphries
Ernest Huxley

Thomas Johnson
William Henry Jones

Lue Kuhn

William Leadbeater
John Lonie
A. J. Luckman

Fred. Martineer
Frederick J. Matthews
Daniel M’Carthy [McCarthy] (Morpeth)
Albert M’Crimmon [McCrimmon]
James P. M’Gee [McGee]
William M’Greal [McGreal]
Edgar M’Kenzie [McKenzie]
John M’Laughlin [McLaughlin]
John M’Mahon [McMahon]
Sydney M’Mahon [McMahon]
Richard M’Nally [McNally]
John Montgomery

Cecil Horace Parker
George Phillips

Arthur Quinn

Francis Simmons
William Henry Smith

Stephen Tucker

Fred Thomas Walker
Len. Clarence Want
Bernard Whalley
William Whybird
Ernest Woodgate
Thomas J. Woodgate
Robert Wright

Source:  List of Licensed Jockeys (1902, August 1). The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 – 1923), p. 10.


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