NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned in the Month of July 1832

Note.—The assignees have failed to withdraw the women marked *.

– A –

1131. ALLISON Catherine, Louisa, laundress, to W. Lowe, York-street 

1134. ANDERSON Amelia, E. Liverpool, childs-maid, to John Liscomb, Bathurst 

1133. ARMSTRONG Ann, Hooghley, laundress, to Rev. W. Simpson, Windsor 

1132. ASPELL Margaret, Asia, house servant, to John Leary, George-street, Sydney 

– B –

1139. BEDFORD Margaret, Hooghley, allwork, to Terrence.M’Manus, Field of Mars 

1142. BEETLE Judith, City of Edinburgh, laundress, to John Liscomb, Bathurst 

1138. BINNION Matilda, Pyramus, allwork, to George Hill, Pitt-street, Sydney

1145. BLACKWOOD Mary, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, to John Palmer, jun. Maitland 

1136. BOULTER Susan, E. Liverpool, all work, to Ann Shepperd, Market-street, Sydney 

1146. BRABBIN Ann, Sovereign, laundress, to Thomas Jarvis, 8, Clarence-street, Sydney

1143. BRAZIL Bridget, Brothers, nurse, to James Laidley, Sydney 

1135. BRETT Sarah, Rosslyn Castle, laun-dress, to Andrew Nash, Parramatta 

1141. BRIEN Betty, Princess Royal, general servant, to William Lackay, Parramatta 

1140. BRIEN Rose, Asia, allwork, to Ann Norris, Parramatta 

1137. * BROWN Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to Christopher Maguire, Wooloomooloo 

1144. BUTTER worth Ann, Harmony, laundress, to John Carey, Appin 

– C –

1159. CAHIL Ann, Palambam, laundress, to Bridget Guider, Kent-street, Sydney 

1156. CALANAN Eliza, Palambam, house servant, to A. Polack, George-street, Sydney 

1154. * CAMPBELL Ann, E. Liverpool, house servant, to M. Ainsley, George-street, Sydney 

1164. CAMPBELL Ann, E. Liverpool, cook, to F, W, Bowden, Parramatta 

1148. CASSIDY Sophia, Forth, general servant, to Bernard McLaughlin, Market-street, Sydney 

1162. CHANDLER Mary, Burrell, house servant, to John Skinner, Police Office, Sydney 

1149. CLARKE Ann, E. Liverpool, laundress, to William Edney, George-street, Sydney 

1152. CLIFFORD Bridget, Hooghley, house servant, to Henry Danahy, Clarence-st., Sydney 

1163. CLIFFORD Mary, Sovereign, house servant, to Francis Low, York-street, Sydney 

1160. COLEMAN Elizabeth or Porter, Minstrel, house servant, to T. Wellis, Cambridge-st

1153. * COLLIER Mary, Pyramus, domestic servant, to Sarah Hitchcock, Pilt-street, Sydney 

1165. COLLIER Mary, Pyramus, house servant, to Francis Little, Invermien 

1150. * CONNOLLY Catherine, Hooghley, laundress, to Ann Reynolds, Harrington-st Sydney

1166. CONNOLLY Catherine, Hooghley, laundress, to John Devenish, Kent-st. Sydney 

1147. CONROY Jane, Forth, nurse and servant, to Henry Clements, Liverpool 

1161. CORCORAN Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to John Brown, Darlington 

1158. CORLEY Ann, Kains, house servant, to William Burgin, Parramatta 

1151. CORKORAN Honora, Palambam, wash, &c., to Daniel Morris, Kent-street, Sydney 

1155. CORRY Bridget, Hooghley, laundress, to Archibald McLeod, Norfolk Island 

1157. CRONAN Elizabeth, Hooghley, dairy-woman, to Elizabeth Rice, Philip-st. Sydney 

– D –

1171. De THERESA Adelaide, L. Davidson, house-maid, to William Cox, jun. Hobart Ville 

1175. DIAL Mary, Kains, allwork, to John Wood, Publican, George-street, Sydney 

1173. DONOHOE Catherine, Princess Poyal, laundress, to Patrick Fennell, Campbelltown 

1168. DONOVAN Margaret, Hooghley, washer woman, to James Smith, Kent-street, Sydney 

1170. DOYLE Eliza, Edward, housemaid, to Archibald McLeod, Norfolk Island 

1174. DOYLE Margaret, Palambam, laundress, to John Bingle, Puen Buen 

1167. DOYLE Mary, Asia, laundress, to William Phillips, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1172. DRISCOLL Ellen, Edward, housemaid, to S. S. Simpson, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney 

1169. DWYER Bridget, Hooghley, housemaid, to Edward Sandwell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 

– E –

1176. EVANS Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to Eleanor Ash, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1177. * EAVES Morra, Pyramus, wash and iron, to Joshua Holt, George-street, Sydney 

– F –

1181. FLAHERTY Margaret, Asia, miIk woman, to Mary Burn, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1183. FLAHERTY Mary, Asia, dairy-woman, to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown 

1180. * FLOOD Ann, Palambam, laundress, to Lucretia Heley, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1184. FLOOD Catherine, Forth, house servant, to John Bray, Appin 

1179. FOX Hannah, Princess Charlotte, house-maid, to John Solomon, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1178. FRAZER Ann, Brothers, housemaid, to John Palmer, Parramatta 

1182. * FREEMAN Margaret, Asia, house servant, to Edward Brady, Gloucester-street, Sydney 

1185. FREEMAN Margaret, Asia, laundress, to Richard Phillips, Kent-street, Sydney 

– G –

1192. GAFFY Mary, Edward, house servant, to William Ahern, Parramatta 

1195. GARVEY Mary, Elizabeth, general servant, to James Henery, George-street, Sydney 

1193. GIBBON Mary, City of Edinburgh, nurse, to S. S. Simpson, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney 

1189. * GILLIGAN Mary, Palambam, laundress, to Major Rhodes, Waterloo Mills 

1187. GRADY Margaret, Hooghley, house-servant, to Lewis Barnet, George-street, Sydney 

1191. GRATTON Ann, Harmony, house servant, to Samuel Gilbert, Parramatta 

1188. GREEN Alice, Kains, house servant, to Elizabeth Kelly, Kent-street, Sydney 

1190. GREEN Ann, Rosslyn Castle, cook and housemaid, to P. Macpherson, Capt. 17 Regt. 

1186. GRIMES Ann, Hooghley, wash, &c., to Joseph Aaron, George-street, Sydney 

1194. GORMAN Elizabeth, Asia, house servant, to W, R. Weston, Liverpool 

– H – 

1201. HALLIDAY Margaret, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to J. L.Jackson, Castlereagh-st., Sydney 

1197. HANLEY Teresa, Elizabeth, laundress, to C. Blackman, O’Connell-street, Sydney 

1199. * HARRIS Mary, Rosslyn Castle, laundress, to Charlotte Gibbons, York-street, Sydney 

1213. HARRIS Mary, Rosslyn Castle, general servant, to G. T. Greenshaw, Goulburn-street 

1196. HARROLL Mary, Edward, cook, to Mary Avery, Narellan

1210. HAWKINS Frances, Kains, house servant, to J. Merchant, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1205. HAYES Margaret, Woodman, nurse, to J. McFarlane, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1200. * HEALY Mary, Palambam, laundress, to J. Norton, Solicitor, Sydney 

1212. HEALY Mary, Palambam, allwork, to J. Milson, North Shore 

1198. HEALY Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to George Morris, George-street, Sydney 

1207. HEWSON Jane, Mary (3), house servant, to School Industry, Parramatta 

1202. HIGGINS Honora, Elizabeth, allwork, to Esther Packer, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1208. HILL Margaret, Asia, dairymaid, to James Clogan, Argyle 

1211. HILL Mary, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to P. Jackson, Clarence-street, Sydney 

1203. HOOPER Emma, Rosslyn Castle, house servant and laundress, to C. Salter, Argyle-st.

1209. * HUDSON Charlotte, Kains, house servant, to E. Collier, Bathurst 

1206. HUGHES Mary, Harmony, house servant, to Henry Harvey, Parramatta 

1204. HURNY Eliza, Pyramus, house servant, to Thomas Byrne, Pitt-street, Sydney 

– J –

1219. JEFFRAY Ellen, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to W. Bradbury, Campbelltown 

1216. JOHNSON Elizabeth, Rosslyn Castle, house maid, to T. Harper, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1215. JOHNSON Ellen, Edward, laundress, to Joseph Bigge, Phillip-street, Sydney 

1217. JOHNSON Mary, Pyramus, house servant, to Mary Hossall, South Creek 

1218. JONES Mary, Pyraxnus, house servant, to Thomas Hobby, Evan 

1214. JUDGE Eliza, Louisa, laundress, to W. Galvin, Macquarie-street, Sydney 

– K –

1223. KEAN Catherine, Lucy Davidson, needle-woman, to John Jones, Bathurst

1226. KEAN Margaret, Earl Liverpool, house maid, to George Sippe, Royal Hotel, Sydney 

1222. KELLY Bridget, Edward, dairy woman, to Lesslie Duguid, Maitland 

1221. KELLY Jane, Asia, house servant, to C. Ancock, George-street, Sydney 

1220. KELLY Mary, Palambam, dairy-woman, to George Webb, Cabramatta 

1224. KING Mary, Hooghley, general servant, to Montague Grover, Illawarra 

11225. KING Susannah, Princess Royal, general servant, to W. H. Pettit, Bathurst-st., Sydney 


– L –

1228. LAFFEN Catherine, Forth, laundress, to Eliza Edwards, Clarence-street, Sydney

1227. * LAWLOR Mary, palambam, laundress, to Catherine Green, Darling Harbour 

1229. LAWLOR Mary, Palambam, general servant to R. Driver, Hunter-street, Sydney 

1230. LOVELL Sapy, Louisa, laundress, to H. Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 

1231. * LYNCH Ellen, Edward, general servant, to Tully Matthews, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1232. LYNCH Ellen, Edward, general servant, to George Sippe, Royal Hotel, Sydney 

– Mc –

1244. McANALLY Mary, Palambam, laundress, to John Collis, York-street, Sydney 

1252. McANDREW Margaret, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to J. Whittaker, George-street

1240. * McCARTHY Ellen, Palambam, laundress, to W. Morgan, Prince-street, Sydney 

1248. McDONALD Jane, Earl Liverpool, general servant, to T. Reeves, Goulburn-st., Sydney 

1242. McGRATH, Honora, Elizabeth, laundress, to K. C. Antill, Stonequarry 

1237. McCOLIN Isabella, Kains, house servant, to A. Moylan, Cambridge-street, Sydney 

1238. McGLENCHY Catherine, Edward, house servant, to W. R. Scott, Fort-street, Sydney 

1247. McGLENCHY Catherine, Edward, wash, &c., to W. N. Palmer, George-street, Sydney

– M –

1234. * MADDEN Sarah, Asia, allwork, to John Sullivan, George-street, Sydney 

1236. MALONE Ann, Asia, needlewoman, to W. Davis, Kent-street, Sydney 

1235. * MARTIN Margaret, Pyramus, house servant, to W. George, Darling Harbour 

1245. MEARS Sarah, Competitor, wash, &c., to Augustus Hayward, Parramatta 

1253. MEEHAN Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to G. W. Bell, Campbell-street, Sydney 

1233. METCALF Martha, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, and wash, to P. Collett, Mt. Yk. 

1241. MILLER Mary, Louisa, general servant, to Sarah Carrick, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1251. MOFFETT Eliston, Kains, laundress to John Patrick, Campbelltown

1249. MOODY Ann, Asia, cook, to Cornelius Prout, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 

1239. MURRAY Maria, Asia, laundress, to Thomas Roberts, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 

1243. MURRAY Margaret, Brothers, Wash, &c., to Sarah Clarke, Pennant Hills 

1246. MURPHY Judith, Asia, laundress, to J. P. M’Kenzie, Bathurst 

1250. MURPHY Margaret, Hooghley, nurse, to Cornelius Prout Eiizabeth-street, Sydney 

– N –

1256. NAYLOR Sophia, Princess Royal, laundress, to J. D. Nicholls, Pitt-street, Sydney

1257. NEAL Honora, Elizabeth, house and farm servant, to Thomas Lynch, Wilberforce

1254. NEILL Judith Hooghley, laundress, to S. Cooper, George-street, Sydney

1255. * NOWLAN Frances, Forth, house servant, to E. Broady, Gloucester-street, Sydney

– O’ –

1260. O’BRIEN Ann, Hooghley, nurse girl, to T. B. White, Patrick’s Plains

1259. O’DONNELL Bridget, Hooghley, wash, &c., to C. Wilkins, Liverpool-street, Sydney

1258. * O’HARE Letitia, Edward, laundress, to H. Marr, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

1261. O’HARE Letitia, Edward, laundress, to R. Phillips, Kent-street, Sydney

– P –

1265. PAGE Eliza, Palambam, servant, to James Clogan, Cambridge-street, Sydney

1266. PECK Ann, Lucy Davidson, needlewoman, to Ann Brady, Pitt-street, Sydney

1264. PEGLEY Rachael, Morley, wash, &c., to A. Kennedy, Cumberland-street, Sydney

1263. * POWELL Judith, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to R. Kellow, Brickfield Hill, Sydney

1267. * POWELL Judith, Luey Davidson, allwork, to Mary Ross, George-street, Sydney

1262. PRICE Catherine, Palambam, general servant, to E. Rochester, Gloucester-st.

– R – 

1269. RELLY or KELLY Catherine, Forth, general servant, to W. Matthews, Pitt-street, Sydney

1271. ROGERS Elizabeth, Forth, general servant, to W. Rossiter, Kent-street, Sydney

1273. ROXBURGH Catherine, Pyramus, all work, to John Ennis, Pitt-street, Sydney

1272. RYAN Ellen, Competitor, house servant, to W. Todhunter, Bent-street, Sydney

1274. RYAN Ellen, City of Edinbro., general servant, E. Jones, York-street, Sydney

1270. RYAN Mary, Competitor, needlewoman, to Archibald McLeod, Norfolk Island

1268. RUSSELL Mary, Edward, general servant, to E. Middleton, Castlereagh-street

– S –

1285. SEATON Tamar, Lucy Davidson, house-maid, to G. Weller, Cleveland House

1287. SHEEHAN Ellen, Hooghley, needlewoman, to Emma Thompkins, Sydney

1280. SHELTON Bridget, now Woodward, Brothers, wife, to Thomas Woodward, Parramatta

1286. SLAVEN Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to M. Curtin, Sussex-street, Sydney

1278. SMITH Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to James Foster, Petersham

1282. SMITH Ellen, Rosslyn Castle, laundress, to W. Kable, Bathurst

1283. SMITH Margaret, Pyramus, general servant, to H. Dumaresq, St. Helier’s

1277. SMITH Mary, Sovereign, allwork, to Bridget Fullam, Sydney

1275. SOUTER Isabella, Earl Liverpool, milks, &c., to M. Gorman, Prince-st., Sydney

1281. SPUR Margaret, Southworth, laundress, to Henry Fulton, Castlereagh

1289. STEWART Helen, Earl Liverpool, house servant and wash, to J. James, Elizabeth-street

1279. STEWART Mary, Pyramus, childs maid, to Archibald McLeod, Norfolk Island

1276. SULLIVAN Elizabeth, Edward, allwork, to J. McGuigan, Goulburn-street, Sydney

1284. SWIFT Ellen, Earl Liverpool, general servant, to T. Barker, Erskine-street, Sydney

1288. SWIFT Maria, Rosslyn Castle, allwork, to Daniel Tindall, Liverpool

– T –

1290. THOMPSON Catherine, Forth, laundress, to Jane Rae, Maitland

1292. THOMPSON Mary, Canada, house servant, to Patrick Dogherty, Cornwallia

1291. TURNER Mary, Kains, washerwoman, to Female Orphan Institution

– W –

1300. WALSH Ellen, Edward, cook, to R. Lethbridge, Oakhampton

1298. WEEKS Ellen, Sovereign, dress maker, to Ann Smith, Pitt-street, Sydney

1294. WELSH Ellen, Palambam, needlewoman, to S. Wentworth, Vaucluse

1301. WELSH Johana, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to G. Payne, Campbell-street, Sydney

1297. WELSH Julia, Sovereign, allwork, to Mary A. Walker, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

1295. WILLETT Mary, Pyramus, wash, &o. to D. McKellar, Strathallan

1299. WILLIAMS Ann, Kains, cook, to A. Campbell, Liverpool Road

1296. WILLIAMS Ann, Rosslyn Castle, allwork, to Lieutenant Bayliss,17th Regt., Sydney

1293. WILSON Phoebe, Burrell, allwork, to R. C. Lethhridge, Parramatta

Note.—The assignees have failed to withdraw the women marked *.

Superintendent of Convicts
Female Factory, Parramatta
6th September, 1832.

Source: List of Female Convicts Assigned in the Month of July 1832 (1832, November 14). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 405.


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