NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned from 1st to 30th June 1832

Note.—The assignees have failed to withdraw the women marked *. 

– A –

920. AHERN Johanna, Palambam, house servant, to S. Bowler, Liverpool 

921. * AHERN Jane, Southworth, housemaid, to Thomas Agars, Kent-street, Sydney 

– B –

936. BARRETT Jane, Southworth, housemaid, to Joshua Holt, George-street, Sydney 

932. BARRY Catherine, Southworth, cook, to Burman Lauga, Sydney 

937. BARRY Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to W. Pugh, Cumberland-street, Sydney 

922. BETTS Elizabeth, Sovereign, all-work, to Mr. R. Weston, Liverpool 

928. BISHOP Sarah, Kains, dairy and washes, to Mary A. Golden, Kent-street, Sydney

927. BRENNAN Isabella, Harmony, cook, &c., to Joseph Myers, Prospect

926. BRENNAN Mary, Edward, general servant, to John Redman, George-street, Sydney

924. BRYAN Margaret, Edward, allwork, to W. Byrne, Campbelltown 

933. BURKE Catherine, Southworth, farm servant, to Thomas Holywell, Carters’ Barracks 

934. BURKE Catherine, Southworth, housemaid, to Arthur Morris, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

938. * BUTLER Mary, Southworth, needlewoman, to Daniel Morris, Kent-street, Sydney 

925. * BUTTERWORTH Ann, Harmony, milks &c., to David Foley, Pitt Water 

929. BYRNE Ann, Southworth, allwork, to E. Mackey, Prince-street, Sydney 

930. BYRNE Catherine, Southworth, allwork, to J. Reid, Hunter’s River 

939. BYRNE Eliza, Southworth, needlewoman, to John Langdon, George-street, Sydney 

935. BYRNE Margaret, Southworth, housemaid, to Robert Cunningham, Sydney 

923. BYRNE Mary, Palambam, laundress, to W. Kearns, Airds 

931. BYRNE Mary or BUCKLEY, Southworth, cook, to Mrs. M’Leay, Sydney 

– C –

956. CAHILL Elizabeth, Southworth, housemaid, to Sarah Pickering, 38, Pitt-street, Sydney

961. CALANAN Catherine, Southworth, nursemaid, to Philip Burke, Hunter-street, Sydney

959. CALANAN Mary, Southworth, needlewoman, to E. Williams, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

949. CALLAGHAN Ann, Southworth, allwork, to James Bean, George-street, Sydney 

945. CAMPBELL Margaret, Lady Rowena, dairy-woman, to Maurice Hollighan, Appin 

944. CARLISLE Sarah, Asia, laundress, to James Graham, Campbelltown 

954. CARR Catherine, Southworth, housemaid, to Thomas Collins, Macquarie Place 

955. CARROLL Judith, Southworth, housemaid, to Elizabeth Ferris, Darling Harbour 

960. CARROLL Margaret, Southworth, nursemaid, to H. C. Sempill, Segenhoe

946. CARROLL Mary, Lady Rowena, allwork, to S. Wiseman, Lower Portland Head 

950. * CARTHY Judith, Southworth, cook, to Mrs. Cope, Windsor 

942. CAULFIELD Louisa, Princess Royal, cook, &c., to Capt. Waldron, 39th regt., Sydney 

943. CLANCY Bridget, Hooghley, allwork, to Mrs. Smith, Pitt-street, Sydney 

940. CLARKE Mary, Louisa, allwork, to Mary Jones, Parramatta 

953. * COLLINS Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Richard Dalton, George-street, Sydney 

947. CONNELL Mary, Princess Royal, house-servant, to John Cobb, Hunter’s River 

948. CONNORS Ellen, Southworth, allwork, to George Barker, Botany Road 

962. CONNORS Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Mary Rutledge, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

941. * CORCORAN Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond 

958. COSGRIFF Ann, Southworth, laundress, to J. T. Baptist, Goulburn-street, Sydney

952. CROWLY Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to J. M. Wilson, Sydney 

957. CUDDELY Margaret, Southworth, laundress, to Adam Wilson, Cook’s River

951. CUMMINS Ellen, Southworth, farm servant, to John Busby, Wooloomooloo 

– D –

969. DALY Ann, Southworth, allwork, to Richard Dalton, Benevolent Asylum

975. DALY Bridget, Southworth, laundress, to John Kinchela, Hereford House

971. * DALY Catherine, Southworth, housemaid, to Ann Leary, Liverpool-street, Sydney

963. DANIELS Mary, Pyramus, laundress, to George Sippe, Royal Hotel, Sydney

968. DEMSTER Mary, Southworth, allwork, to George Turner, Goulburn-street, Sydney

966. DEVLIN Mary A. Palambam, dairy-woman, to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown

970. DILLON Jane, Southworth, cook, to John Black, George-street, Sydney

967. DONEGAN Catherine, Forth, allwork, to Thomas Williamson, Illawarra

974. DONEHY Susan, Southworth, to J. B. Smithers, Kent-street, Sydney

976. DONNOLLEY Jane, Southworth, laundress, to Robert Eagling, Hunter-street, Sydney

965. DONOHOE Bridget, Forth, wash, &c., to Roger Connor, Wilberforce

964. * DONOHOE Catherine, Princess Royal, house servant, to T. Moore, Wilberforce

977. * DOUDE Judith, Southworth, nursemaid, to William Butt, Cambridge-street, Sydney

972. DOYLE Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to Mrs. Smith, Pitt-street, Sydney

973. DOYLE Winifred, Southworth, housemaid, to Mrs. Still, Pitt-street, Sydney

– F –

980. FARR Mary, or Burke, Southworth, allwork, F. E. Forbes, Liverpool

984. FENNESSY Margaret, Southworth, nurse-maid, to J. Williams, Castlereagh-st., Sydney

985. FITZGERALD Ann, Southworth, nursemaid, to J. D. Campbell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

978. FITZGERALD Mary, Sovereign, house servant, to Thomas Evernden, Bathurst

981. FLEMING Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Sarah Waples, Pitt-street, Sydney

979. * FLUM Mary, Southworth, allwork, to Rev. R. Hill, Sydney

983. * FLYNN Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Charles Staples, Sydney

982. * FOX Ellen, Southworth, housemaid, to C. H. Chambers, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

– G –

986. GARDEN Hannah, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to W. R. Lamont, Bong Bong

992. * GILHOOLEY Mary, Southworth, farm servant, to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown

988. GILL Ann, Rosslyn Castle, laundress, to Rev. C. Dickenson, Parramatta

989. GRAHAM Eliza, Hooghley, laundress, to Thomas Pye, Bathurst

990. GREENWOOD Eliza, Burrell, house servant, to John Street, Bathurst

987. GRIFFITHS Mary, Elizabeth, general servant, to Elizabeth Owen, Pitt-street, Sydney

991. GUILFOILE Honora, Hooghley, laundress, to W. Lees, Punch Bowl, Liverpool Road

– H –

995. HAMILTON Mary, Palambam, wash and iron, to S. Jenkins, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

996. HANDLIN Margaret, Kains, laundress, to John Sullivan, George-street, Sydney

1002. HAZLEDON Rose, Southworth, housemaid, to Joseph Flood, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

1006. HEALY Ann, Southworth, nursemaid, to Thomas Inglys, Sussex-street, Sydney

1004. HEALY Catherine, Southworth, laundress, to Simeon Lord, Macquarie Place, Sydney

998. HEGARTY Catherine, Southworth, allwork, to John Brown, Upper Minto

994. HENLEY Mary, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to S. Barwell, Liverpool-st., Sydney

997. HILL Margaret, Asia, allwork, to James Haley, Parramatta

999. * HOGAN Mary, Southworth, cook, to John Clayton, Kent-street, Sydney

1005. * HOLMES Catherine, Southworth, laundress, to Elizabeth Cox, Hobart Ville

993. HUDSON Charlotte, Kains, house-servant, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta

1001. HURLEY Catherine, Southworth, dairymaid, to James Wemys, George-street, Sydney

1003. HURLEY Catherine, Southworth, house-maid, to W. Kerr, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

1000. HURLEY Margaret, Southworth, dairymaid, to Ann Turner, Upper Kent-street, Sydney

1007. HURLEY Margaret, Southworth, nursemaid, to Henry Ashley, Hunter-street, Sydney

– J –

1000. * JEFFRAY Ellen, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to John Connor, Flushcombe

1010. JENNING Ann, Southworth, allwork, to W. Spooner, Sydney

1011. JOHNSTON Mary, Southworth, country work, to Thomas Pye, Bathurst

1008. JONES Sarah, Kains, cook and wash, to Mrs. P. P. King, South Creek

– K –

1021. KAVANAGH Mary, Southworth, needle-woman, to R. Uther, Pitt-street, Sydney

1017. KEARNEY Bridget, Southworth, cook, to E. J. Keith, Hyde Park, Sydney

1019. KEARNEY Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to Ann Sloman, Pitt-street, Sydney

1022. KEATING Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Mary Marshall, Campbell-street, Sydney

1012. KEEFE Catherine, Brothers, all-work, to William Collins, Ultimo, Sydney

1020. * KEELEY Margaret, Southworth, laundress, to S. Caswell, Port Stephen

1015. KELLY Margaret, Palambam, allwork, to Ann Goodwin, Prince-street, Sydney

1018. KELLY Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to Charlotte Dick, Pitt-street, Sydney

1016. KIELY Anstatia, Elizabeth, allwork, to M. Fitzgerald, Kent-street, Sydney

1014. KILPATRICK Eliza, Asia, allsorts, to J. Reid, Newcastle

1013. KEYLEY Ann, Rosslyn Castle, general servant, to Ann Sloman, Pitt-street, Sydney


– L –

1025. * LANE Sarah, Competitor, allwork, to Richard Dalton, Benevolent Asylum

1023. * LAWLER Mary, Palambam, laundress, to Sarah Wentworth, Vaucluse

1033. LAWLESS Bridget, Southworth, laundress, to John Connor, Flushcombe 

1032. LAWLOR Mary, South worth, dairy, &c., to J. Hutchinson, George-street, Sydney 

1028. LEHANE Bridget, Southworth, allwork, to Sarah Robinson, George-street, Sydney

1030. LEHANE Mary, Southworth, all work, to Henry Harvey, Parramatta 

1026. LEVINGSTON Elizabeth, Louisa, general servant, to T. Cooper, George-street, Sydney

1034. LEWIS Jane, Southworth, needlewoman, to H. C. Sempill, Segenhoe 

1029. LINDSAY Ann, Southworth, allwork, to John McGuigan, Parramatta Road

1035. LOWRY Bridget, Southworth, nursemaid, to Barnett Levy, Park-street, Sydney 

1031. LYNCH Bridget, Southworth, dairy, &c., to P. Connolley, Market-street, Sydney 

1027. LYNCH Catherine, Hooghley, needle-woman, to Walter Rogers, Sydney

1024. LYONS Bridget, Asia, cook and wash, to Thomas Collins, Macquarie Place

– Mc / Mac –

1052. MacCARTHY Catherine, or Ellen, Southworth, allwork, to W. Roach, Harrington-st

1049. MacNULTY Hannah, Southworth, allwork, to William George, Kent-street, Sydney 

1048. MacQUIRE Ellen, Southworth, allwork, to Mary Hogan, Campbell-street, Sydney 

1057. McATEER Prudence, Southworth, house-maid, to Mary Byrne, Druitt-street, Sydney 

1042. McCAFFREY Sarah, Brothers, general servant, to W. Lackey, Parramatta

1036. McCARTHY Ellen, City Edinbro, dairywoman, to H. Russell, Pennant Hills 

1061. * McCORMACK Mary, Southworth, house-maid, to G. Humphries, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1054. McCREADY Fanny, Southworth, dairy-maid, to W. Wilkes, Macquarie Piece, Sydney 

1041. McCREN Jane, Hooghley, housemaid, to Thomas Agars, Darling Harbour 

1056. * McDONALD Ellen, Southworth, house-maid, to J. Blanch, George-street, Sydney 

1059. McDONNELL Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to B. Samuels, Castiereagh-street, Sydney 

1050. McGANY Selina, Southworth, allwork, to Dugald Leitch, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1068. * McGILL Rachael, Southworth, nursemaid, to M. A. Walker, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

1038. McGOBRICK Mary, Forth, house servant, to James Prescott, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney

1055. McGORY Frances, Southworth, dairy-maid, to F. Brown, George-street, Sydney 

1067. McMAHON Ellen, Southworth, needle-woman, to Dinah Smith, Elizabeth-st., Sydney 

1058. McMAHON Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to E. Dogherty, Kent-street, Sydney 

1062. McNAMARA Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to W. Phillips, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1053. McSHNEAL Isabella, Southworth, cook, to Caleb Salter, Argyle-street, Sydney 

– M –

1043. MADDEN Mary, Edward, house servant, to S. S. Still, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1045. MALONE Ellen, Asia, laundress, to W. H. Dutton, Raby 

1064. MATTHEWS Jane, Southworth, laundress, to W. D. Kelman, Hunter’s River 

1051. MEALIN Mary, Southworth, allwork, to Mrs. M’Intosh, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1039. MEEKIN Eliza, Brothers, allwork, to Joseph Kenvon, Prospect 

1037. * METCALF Martha, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, to Foord Baylys, Philip-st., Sydney 

1046. * MOFFETT Eliston, Kains, allwork, to G. Green, Kent-street, Sydney 

1060. MOORE Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to Joseph Payne, Macquarie Place 

1069. MORAN Elizabeth, South worth, nursemaid, to Mary Johnson,, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1071. MULHALL Ann, Southworth, nursemaid, to Eleanor Conway, York-street, Sydney 

1044. MULLENS Ann, Forth, laundress, to John M’Dougall, Baulkham Hills 

1070. MURPHY Bridget, Southworth, nursemaid, to Thomas Byrne, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1040. MURPHY Margaret, Hooghley, wash and iron, to John James, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 

1047. MURPHY Mary, Southworth, allwork, to Thomas Slater, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1063. MURPHY Mary, Southworth, laundress, to Loughlin Carney, King-street, Sydney 

1066. MURPHY Mary or BROGEN, Southworth, needlewoman, to M. Bell, York-st., Sydney 

1065. * MURPHY Mary Ann, Southworth, laundress, to Henry Hewitt, Maitland 

– N –

1075. NAGLE Mary, Southworth, allwork, to Robert Ormiston, South Creek

1077. NEILL Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Charles Brooks, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1074. NEILL Mary, Southworth, allwork, to D. Chambers, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1073. NEILL Rose, Asia, house servant, to James Watsford, Parramatta 

1072. NOONAN Mary, Asia, wash, &c., to George Cox, Mulgoa 

1076. NOWLAN Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Ann Hermingham, York-street, Sydney 

– O’ –

1079. O’BRIEN Catherine, Southworth, house-maid, to M’Roberts, Kent street, Sydney 

1078. * O’HARA Ann, Southworth, allwork, to John Clarke, Hunter-street, Sydney 

1080. O’NEILL Ann, Southworth, laundress, to Robert Crawford, Hillend 

– P –

1082. PARKER Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to George Thomas Palmer, Parramatta

1081. PITCHES Sarah, Princess Royal, allwork, to Mary Elliott, York-street, Sydney 

1083. POTTER Catherine, Asia, allwork, to Sarah Doran, Cabramatta 

1084. PURCELL Abigail, Southworth, nursemaid, to William M’Lanna, Kent-street, Sydney 

– R –

1092. REILLY Elizabeth, Southworth, cook, to J. Buckland, Cowpasture 

1091. REILLY Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Mary Gordon, Clarence-street, Sydney 

1090. REILY Catherine, Southworth, housemaid, to John Elliott, Segenhoe 

1088. ROBINSON Sarah, Southworth, housemaid, to Matilda Jones, King-street, Sydney 

1089. ROGAN Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to William Davis, Kent-street, Sydney 

1086. ROONEY Mary, Palambam, house servant, to Mary Grounds, Parramatta 

1087. ROVERTY Catherine, Forth, wash and milk, to James Warman, Field of Mars

1085. RYAN Bridget, Hooghley, allwork, to John Green, Sussex-street, Sydney 

– S –

1093. SAUNDERS Mary, Palambam, wash, &c. to George Acres, Heywood 

1106. SCANNELL Honora, Southworth, nursemaid, to D. A. C. G. Hazard, Castlereagh-street 

1099. SHERIDAN Bridget, Kains, nurse, to Sarah Nicholls, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1108. * SHERIDAN Rose, Southworth, nursemaid, to Robert Tabor, Hyde Park 

1101. SHEPHERD Ann, Lucy Davidson, laundress, to William Lawson, Prospect 

1110. SIVEENEY Bridget, Southworth, allwork, to E. Macnamara, George-street, Sydney

1107. SCANLAN Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Martin Graham, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1098. SMITH Eliza, Princess Charlotte, laundress, to Wm. Morgan, Prince-st., Sydney 

1094. SMITH Elizabeth, Princess Royal, allwork, to William Crocket, Airds 

1111. SMITH Ellen, Southworth, cook, to J. Wyatt, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1103. SMITH Mary, Midas, laundress, to Walter Rogers, Sydney 

1096. * SMITH Mary, Sovereign, allwork, to James Knight, Waterloo Mills 

1112. * SPUR Margaret, Southworth, cook, to Mrs. Mitchell, Craig End 

1095. STEINSON Elizabeth, Elizabeth, allwork, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond 

1113. STEPHENS Honor, Southworth, laundress, to the Rev, J. Vincent, Sydney 

1100. STEPHENSON Ann, Pyramus, washerwoman, to Mrs. Kinchela, Hereford House

1102. STOKES Ann, Princess Royal, allwork, to Redmond Connor, Cowpasture

1105. SULLIVAN Ellen, City Edinburgh, wash, &c., to John Reddall, lllawarra 

1109. SULLIVAN Johanna, Southworth, allwork, to Thomas Wood, 30, George-street, Sydney 

1104. SULLIVAN Margaret, Kains, farm house servant, to George Acres, Heywood 

1097. SWIFT Maria, Rosslyn Castle, house servant and wash, to Ed. Sparke, jun., Maitland 

– T –

1114. TAAFE Mary, Elizabeth, allwork, to John Groves, Parramatta 

1118. TATE Jane, Southworth, housemaid, to William Sheed, O’Connel-street, Sydney

1115. THOMAS Caroline, Princess Royal, cook, to John Palmer, senior, Parramatta 

1119. * THOMPSON Mary, Southworth, laundress, to James Chisholm, Lower Minto 

1116. * TOOKEY Eleanor, Southworth, allwork, to Judith Muccle, Kent-street, Sydney 

1117. TOOLE Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to Henrietta Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 

– V –

1121. VALLALLY Bell, Southworth, allwork, to J. H. Plunkett, Royal Hotel 

1120. VINER Mary, Pyramus, house servant, to P. Neville, Glebe, Liverpool Road 

– W –

1129. WALKER Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Francis Oakes, Parramatta

1128. WALSH Eliza, Southworth, housemaid, to Thomas Connor, Cambridge-street, Sydney 

1123. WALSH Ellen, Southworth, allwork, to E. Redmond, George-street, Sydney 

1124. WALSH Mary, Southworth, plain cook, to H. Steel, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 

1127. WARD Esther, Southworth, housemaid to Isabella Hanley, Market-street, Sydney 

1125. WARD Martha, Southworth, dairy, &c., to Elizabeth Rice, Phillip-street, Sydney 

1122. WHITEACRE Mary Ann, Kains, laundress, to E. S. Hall, Editor of Monitor 

1130. WILLIAMS Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to John Bryan, Argyle-street, Sydney

1126. * WILSON Catherine, Southworth, kitchen maid, to A. Bate, Pitt-street, Sydney 

Note.—The assignees have failed to withdraw the women marked *.

Source: List of Female Convicts Assigned from 1st to 30th June 1832 (1832, November 7). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 394.


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