Note —Those marked (*) have been reassigned, as residences of Applicants to Burrell are not clearly stated in Assignment List.

– A –

705. AHERN Johanna, Palambam, allwork, to Sarah Hughes, Pitt-street, Sydney

704. AHERN Mary, Palambam, wash, &c., to C. Gold, Brickfield-hill, Sydney

706. ALLEN Ann, Kains, general servant, to D. A. C. G. Ackroyd, Port Macquarie

708. ARMSTRONG Ann, Hooghley, laundress, to Mary Woolfe, Hunter-street, Sydney

707. AUSTIN Eleanor, Kains, allwork, to William White, Parramatta

– B –

709. BACON Elizabeth, Burrell, all-work, to Miss Carmichael, Sydney

718. BAGLEY Frances, Burrell, nursemaid, to Mr. Windham, Hunter’s River

713. BALL Jane, Burrell, allwork, to Thomas Crawford

721. BETTS Eliza, Sovereign, laundress, to Lieutenant Gibbon, 49th Regt. Parramatta

720. BLAKE Maria, Lady Rowena, house servant, to Thomas Icely, Bungarabee

724. BODEN Alice, Competitor, allwork, to Joseph Ferris, Windmill-street, Sydney

711. BOYD Jane, Burrell, allwork, to Elizabeth Underwood, Sydney

717. BRANDON Margaret, Burrell, laundress, to James Dodds

715. BRAY Sarah, Burrell, allwork, to W. C. Wall, Melville

725. BRONOHAN Mary, Hooghley, wash, &c., to James Evans, Bathurst

722. BROWN Eleanor, Rosslyn Castle, washer- woman, to George Harper, Stonequarry

710. BROWN Sarah, Burrell, allwork, to R. Siddons, Sidney

723. BROWN Sarah, Louisa, allwork, to Lieutenant Gibbon, 49th Regt. Parramatta

712. BROWN Margaret, Burrell, allwork, to M. D’Arrietta, Cowpasture

727. BRUCE Rose, Royal Charlotte, house servant, to W. H. Dutton, Raby

716. BRYAN Margaret, Burrell, laundress, to Archibald Bell, Windsor

726. BYRNE Catherine, Asia, allwork, to Mary Healey, Parramatta

714. BULLARD Elizabeth, Burrell, allwork, to John Bingle, Puen Buen

719. BURCHER Emma, Burrell, nursemaid, to Jane Wright, Sydney

– C –

747. CAHIL Ann, Palambam, laundress, to R. Cross, Clarence-street, Sydney

730. CAMP Charlotte, Burrell, allwork, to D. A. C. G. Paty

739. CAMPBELL Margaret, Lady Rowena, allwork, to Edward Moore, Wilberforce

728. CARROLL Catherine, Burrell, allwork, to W. North, Windsor

750. CARTY Ann, Edward, house servant, to James Duffin, Liverpool Road

749. CAVANAGH Ann, City of Edinburgh, house-servant, to R. Callon, George-street, Sydney

732. CHANDLER Mary, Burrell, farm-house servant, to E. H. Cliffe, Sydney

746. CHARLES Ann, Sovereign, nursemaid, to John Palmer, junior, Richmond Vale

733. CHARRINGTON Jane, Burrell, nursemaid, to Mrs. Tyre, Sydney

744. COLE Lucy L., Lucy Davidson, needle-woman, to A. Gibson, Goulburn Plains

738. COLLINS Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to Richard Wiseman, Wolombi

743. COLLINS Margaret, Grenada, allwork, to John Harris, Castlereagh

731. COLLINS Mary, Burrell, housemaid, to Mrs. Lang, Patterson’s River

746. COLLINS Mary A. Princess Royal, laundress, to Sergeant R. Martin, 17th Regt. Sydney

737. COMEBACK Mary, Edward, allwork, to Faith Matthews, Parramatta

748. CONNOLLEY Mary, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to H. Palmer Hunter-st., Parramatta

740. CONNOLLY Ellen, Hooghley, laundress, to William Boyles, Bathurst

741. CONNOLLY Margaret, Hooghley, laundress, to Christopher M’Guire, Wolombi

734. COOSE Catherine, Palambam, allwork, to Thomas Dargin, Windsor

742. CORCORAN Honora, Palambam, laundress, to Sarah Nicholls, Sydney

736. COUNELLAN Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to James Tucker, George-street, Sydney

729. CROSS Mary, Burrell, allwork, to A. Levingstone, Hunter’s River

735. CURTAIN Ann, Lany Rowena, laundress, to F. Smith, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

– D –

754. DAVIES Ann, Burrell, laundress, to John Atkinson

753. DAVIES Caroline, Burrell, cook, Colonel Shadforth, Sydney

759. DAVIES Mary, Lucy Davidson, cook, Female Orphan Institution

756. DAVIES Sarah, Burrell, nursemaid, to Mrs. McLeay, Sydney

758. DAVIS Susan, Pyramus, dairy servant, to George Stanbury, Parramatta

763. DIXON Margaret, Palambam, needlewoman, to E. Thompson, King-street, Sydney

755. DONNELLY Ann, Burrell, nursemaid, to Thomas Hammond, Campbelltown

751. DONOVAN Betsy, Burrell, allwork, to Hugh Kelly, Baulkham Hills

762. DOT Ellen, Earl, Liverpool, allwork, to John Palmer, Parramatta

764. DOUGLASS Ann, Kains, allwork, to Joseph Buckley, Macquarie-street, Sydney

757. DOYLE Mary, Asia, allwork, to Sarah Harvey, Parramatta

752. DRAIN Ann, Burrell, cook, to Mrs. Foster, Sydney

760. DRISCOLL Ellen, Edward, allwork, to, T. Salter, Pitt-Street, Sydney

761. DUNVILLE Phœbe, Rosslyn Castle, wash, &c., to W. H. Williams, King-street, Sydney


– E –

767. ECKHARDS Christiana, Burrell, governess, to Mrs. Blaxland, Newington

769. EGAN Mary, Lucy Davidson, general servant, to H. F. Drinkwater, Sydney

768. ELDER Eliza, Burrell, needlewoman, to Mrs. McNaughton, Sydney

766. ELIAS Esther, Burrell, laundress, to John M’Donald

765. EVANS Mary, Burrell, cook, to Michael Phillips, Sydney

– F –

771. FARREN Ann, Burrell, housemaid, to Mr. Langdon, Sydney

773. FEE Susan, Hooghley, allwork, to Ellen M’Lucas, Upper Minto

775. FITZGERALD Elizabeth, Lucy Davidson, cook, to J. Brabbin, Windsor

774. FLAHERTY Mary, Asia, house servant, to James Henery, George-street, Sydney

770. FLANAGAN Catherine, Burrell, allwork, to Ellen Fennell

776. FLOOD Jane, Palambam, wash, &c., to Michael Kearney, Parramatta

772. FOSTER Ann, Rosslyn Castle, cook, &c., to R. C. Lethbridge, Parramatta

– G –

779. GARSIDE Elizabeth, Burrell, housemaid, to Thomas Moore, Liverpool

784. GEARY Mary, Kains, house servant, to Thomas Armstrong, Kent-street, Sydney

780. GILHAM Elizabeth, Burrell, laundress, to Mrs. Ogilvie, Hunter’s River

786. GLOVER Margaret, Kains, house servant, to Charles Wood, Cumberland-street, Sydney

785. GODFREY Margaret, Elizabeth, laundress, to Sarah Wentworth, Vaucluse

783. GOODWIN Sydra, Burrell, needlewoman, to Captain Mackay, Sydney

777. GORDON Elizabeth, Burrell, allwork, to John Atkinson

787. GRANT Catherine, Forth, house servant, to Edward Moore, Wilberforce

782. GRAY Sarah, Burrell, farm servant, to Bridget Kennedy, Liverpool-street, Sydney

778. GUNYON Elizabeth, Burrell, allwork, to James Devlin, Kissing Point

781. GURNETT Elizabeth, Burrell, farm servant, to William Hayes, Eastern Creek

– H –

705. HARRIS Mary Ann, Burrell, needlewoman, H. C. Sempill, Argyle

791. HAYDON Mary, Burrell, allwork, to B. Bedford, Sydney

799. HAYES Mary Ann, Pyramus, allwork, to George Brunt, Parramatta

797. HEALLEY Maria, Kains, house servant, to Elizabeth Smeathman, Upper Pitt-st., Sydney

801. HEALY Margaret, Kains, house servant, to Robert Lowe, Buling

800. HICKEY Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Catherine Neall, Cornwallis

796. HILL Margaret, Asia, all work, to Sarah Doran, Cabramatta

794. HILLERY Ann, Burrell, needlewoman, to Dr. Gibson, Argyle

798. HOGAN Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to Joshua Thorp, Cook’s River

789. HOOKER Sarah, Burrell, all Work, to Capt. Edwards, Sydney

790. HUDSON Ann, Burrell, allwork, to Major D’Arcy, Sydney

788. HURLEY Elizabeth, Burrell, allwork, to Joseph Thompson, Prince-St., Sydney

793. HURLEY Maria, Burrell, cook, to Percy Simpson, Parramatta

792. HYDE Ann, Burrell, cook, to Jeremiah Dunn, Sydney

– J –

804. JAMES Mary, Burrell, Nursemaid, to R. Brownlow, King-street, Sydney

803. JONES Eliza, Burrell, housemaid, to John Macdougall, Baulkham

802. JONES Hannah, Burrell, cook, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

805. JONES Margaret, Pyramus, nurse and sew, to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry

806. JOYCE Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Hannah Booth, Parramatta

– K –

809. KEEFE Mary, Brothers, laundress, to John Patrick, Campbelltown

808. KELLY Ann, Burrell, needlewoman, to Mrs. Hughes, Sydney

812. KELLY Mary, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to John Burrows, Lower Minto

813. KELLY Mary, Hooghley, dairy woman, to William Simmons, Goulburn Plains

807. KENDER Harriet, Burrell, house-maid, to Fred. Gibson, George-st., Sydney

811. KING Mary, Kains, cook, to Cornelius Prout, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

810. KING Susannah, Princess Royal, house servant, to G. Pearce, Upper Pitt-st, Sydney

– L –

828. LAVARY Margaret, Palambam, house servant, to Mary Deenen, O’Connel-st., Sydney

824. LAVARY Mary A., Palambam, laundress, to Catherine Stafford, Market-street, Sydney

825. LEADWICK Eliza, Lady Rowena, house servant, to N. Cavillon, Parramatta

815. LEE Ann, Burrell, allwork, to Enoch Booty, Sydney

821. LEE Elizabeth, Burrell, nursemaid, to John Larnach, Hunter’s River

822. LEE Mary, Mary (3), allwork, to John Ennis, Pitt street, Sydney

827. LEPARD Charlotte, Grenada (1), house servant, to John Reddall, Illawarra

819. LETHULIER Henrietta, Burrell, housemaid, to Mrs. Fisk, Sydney

817. LEWES Ellen, Burrell, cook, to John Henderson, George-street, Sydney

816. LING Mary Ann, Burrell, cook, to Rev. Joseph Orton, Sydney

818. LISK Frances, Burrell, cook, to Mrs. Montefiore, O’Connel-street, Sydney

834. LOWSLEY Hannah, Burrell, allwork, to C. Cooper, Brisbane Distillery

823. LUNN Margaret, Princess Charlotte, nurse and sew, to J. F. Church, George-st., Sydney

820. LYAS Ann, Burrell, farm servant, to George Windham, Hunter’s River

826. LYNCH Ellen, Edward, house servant, to Joseph Raphael, George-street, Sydney

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