NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned Between the 1st and 30th April, 1832

* Have been reassigned, not being duly sent for by the assignee.

– A –

608. AGNEW Mary Ann, Hooghley, allwork, to Mary Sadler, Liverpool

609. ANDERSON Amelia, Earl Liverpool, nurse maid to Capt McPherson, 17th regt., Sydney

– B –

616. BARRETT Catherine, Princess Royal, wash, &c., to Rev. G. Erskine, Sydney

614. BARRINGTON Ellen, Elizabeth, milk, &c., to Thomas Lynch, Wilberforce

617. BRACKENBURY Betsy, Roslyn Castle, laundress, to John Thorn, Parramatta

615. BRETT Sarah, Roslyn Castle, needlewoman, to John Humpage, Clarence-street, Sydney

612. BRIEN Rose, Asia, house servant, to John Brown, 22 Kent-street, Sydney

610. BROWN Ann, Competitor, all work, to Thomas Cooper, George-street, Sydney

613. BROWN Mary A. Sovereign, house servant, to Mary Dell, George-street, Sydney

611. BYRNE Mary, Palambam, house servant, to Henry Sykes, Clarence-street, Sydney

– C –

622. CAMPBELL Margaret, Lady Rowena, nurse-maid, to Clement Doughty, Parramatta

621. CANTY Mary, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to Owen Elliott, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

624. CARROLL Hester, Forth, needlewoman, to Cornelius Prout, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

625. COLLINS Mary, Earl Liverpool, housemaid, to John F. Church, George-street, Sydney

623. CONNELL Mary, Asia, cook, to Captain Durnford, 39th regt., Sydney

626. CONNOLLEY Catherine, Hooghley, housemaid, to R. Brownlow, King-street, Sydney

620. CONNOLLY Catherine, Hooghley, allwork, to William Morriss, 118 Pitt-street, Sydney

618. COOPER Mary, Morley, laundress, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta

619. CORCORAN Mary, Hooghley, wash, &c., to Sarah Tighe, Windsor

– D –

630. DAVIES Ellen, Pyramus, housemaid, to John Tyre, Liverpool-street, Sydney

629. DONOHOE Catherine, Princess Royal, house-maid, to Major Poole, 39th regt., Parramatta

627. DONOVAN Margaret, Hooghley, allwork, to J. Hedges, Cumberland-st., Sydney

682. DOYLE Maria, Brothers, allwork, to Robert Eagling, Hunter-street, Sydney

681. DUNVILLE Phoebe, Roslyn Castle, house-maid, to Robert Ackroyd, Port Macquarie

628. DUPPAN Mary, Forth, laundress, to Sarah Waples, Pitt-street, Sydney

633. DWYER Ellen, Sovereign, wash, &c., to John Cooper, Liverpool Road

– E –

635. EGAN Mary, Lucy Davidson, wash and iron, to John James, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

634. EVANS Mary, Hooghley, general servant, to J. Moore, Cumberland-st., Sydney

– F –

638. FAY Margaret, Edward, wash, &c,, to Phillip Burke, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

637. FELL Susan, Hooghley, laundress, to James Henery, George-street, Sydney

639. FERGUSON Margaret, Palambam, wash, &c., to Lieutenant Nagel, 17th regt., Sydney

636. FITZGERALD Elizabeth, Lucy Davidson, cook, &c., P. P. King, Dunheved

– G –

643. GARDNER Eliza, Kains, needlewoman, to John Devenish, Philip-street, Sydney

640. GARVEY Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to John Tuckwell, Parramatta

645. GILFOILL Honora, Hooghley, laundress, to Richard Dalton, George-street, Sydney

646. GILL Ann, Roslyn Castle, laundress, to C. O’Brien, Illawarra

641. GILLESPIE Catherine, Hooghley, allwork, to Mary Walden, Wilberforce

644. GLOVER Mary A., Kains, allwork, to Mrs. Russell, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

642. GOODYEAR Eliza, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to W. H. Chapman, Windmill-street, Sydney

647. GRAHAM Eliza, Roslyn Castle, wash, &c., to Thomas Hammond, Campbelltown

648. GREEN Rosanah, Lucy Davidson, washer woman, to Francis Low, Sydney

– H –

652. HALL Sarah, Lucy Davidson, laundress, to Thomas Jones, 34, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

649. HALLIDAY Margaret, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to Mary Carr, York-st., Sydney

655. HAMILTON Mary A., Edward, housemaid, to G. Weller, Cleveland House, Sydney

653. HANDLIN Margaret, Kains, needlewoman, to Isabella Davidson, 33, Kent-street, Sydney

651. HARRISON Charlotte, Harmony, laundress, to John Thomas Baptist, Sydney

656. HARROLL Mary, Edward, housemaid, to Robert Foster, George-street, Sydney

654. HIGGINS Eliza, Forth, laundress, to Mary Colliers, 16, Kent-street, Sydney

657. HUNT Elizabeth, Pyramus, nursemaid, to Henry Whittaker, Parramatta

650. HUNT Mary, Edward, house servant, to James Simmons, George-street, Sydney

658. HUNT Mary, Edward, allwork, to James Pearson, Pitt-street, Sydney

– J –

659. JONES Mary, Lucy Davidson, house-maid, to Elizabeth Shelley, Parramatta

– K –

663. KEARNEY Ann, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to William Phillips, Goulburn-street, Sydney

660. KEATING Ellen, Hooghley, allwork, to Richard Linch, 3, Pitt-street, Sydney

661. KEENAN Mary, Asia, wash, &c., to James Brackenrig, Philip-street, Sydney

664. KELL Mary, Elizabeth, allwork, to Mary Cornwall, Paramatta

662. KNIGHT Jane, Roslyn Castle, laundress, to J. H. Berner. George-street, Sydney


– L –

671. LAFFIN Catherine, Forth, allwork, to William Hill, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney

672. LAFFIN Catherine, Forth, laundress, George Sippe, George-street, Sydney

665. LANG Mary, Elizabeth, allwork, to Thomas Brown, Erskine-street, Sydney

670. LANG Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to W. Spooner, 28, Pitt-street, Sydney

666. LYNCH Catherine, Elizabeth, house, servant, to Pierce Collet’s, Mount York

669. LYNCH Ellen, Edward, housemaid, to T. H. Hart, Pitt-street, Sydney

667. LYONS Ellen, alias Ingram, Forth, washer-woman, to S. Lord, Macquarie Place, Sydney

668. LYONS Bridget, Asia, cook, to John. F. Church, George-street, Sydney

– Mc –

686. McCARTY Johanna, Hooghley, laundress, to Jane Bemi, Prince-street, Sydney

685. McCORMICK Catherine, Asia, laundress, to James Norton, Sydney

680. McDONALD Jane, Earl Liverpool, allwork, to Ann Smith, Military Hospital, Sydney

– M –

675. MADDES Mary, Edward, laundress, to Timothy Kelaher, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney

677. MALONE Ellen, allwork, to William White, Parramatta673. MATTHEWS Susan, Brothers, general servant, to the Rev. R. Forrest, Parramatta

679. * METCALF Martha, Roslyn Castle, allwork, to Archibald Campbell, Bathurst

682. MILDENHALL Mary A., Roslyn Castle, house serv. to T. Weavers, Castlereagh-street

674. MILLER Mary, Louisa, cook, &c., to Richard Williams, 2, Liverpool-street, Sydney

676. MULCALTRY Alicia, Ann, allwork, to Thomas May, wheelwright, Sydney

684. MULCATRY Mary, Elizabeth, laundress, to James Byrnes, Parramatta

683. MURPHY Ellen, Brothers, house servant, to Michael Murray, Prince-street, Sydney

678. MURPHY or PORTER Mary, Kains, allwork, to John Bray, Appin

681. MUSHENS Sarah, Grenada, nurse, to Laurence Harriss, York-street, Sydney

– N –

687. NEAL Judith, Hooghley, needle-woman, to Maria Smith, 2, Clarence-street

688. NEILL Honora, Elizabeth, laundress, to Hugh Kelly, Baulkham Hills

689. NICHOLLS Elizabeth, Grenada, house servant, to Roger Connor, Wilberforce

690. * NOONAN Mary, Asia, wash and sew, to Montague Grover, Illawarra

– O’ –

693. O’DEAN Ellen, Elizabeth, general servant, to Henry Steel, Elizabeth-street, Sydney

– O –

692. ORANG Mary, Edward, dairywoman, to J. Farnell, Kissing Point691. OXLEY Sarah, R., Castle, wash and sew, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta

– P –

694. PALMER Mary, Kains, housemaid, to Mary Dell, 6, George-street, Sydney

– Q –

695. QUIN Johanna, Kains, house servant, to Catherine Clarkson, Hunter-street

– R –

696. RITCHIE Jane, L. Davidson, wash, &c., to W. Pawley, 50, Castlereagh-street

697. ROY Mary, Sovereign, house servant, to R. C. Lethbridge, Parramatta

– S –

703. SAVAGE Catherine, Forth, wash, &c., to Susannah Cave, George-street, Sydney

700. SHEEHAN Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Caleb Salter, Argyle-street, Sydney

699. SHEEN Mary Ann, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to William Roberts, Hunter-street

705. SHINE Catherine, Edward, housemaid, to George P. Wood, Richmond

704. SLEVEN Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to James Warman, Field of Mars

707. SMITH Ann, Brothers, nurse, to James Laidley, Dep. Commissary General Sydney

709. SMITH Ann, Hooghley, laundress, to Mary Reynolds, Pitt-street, Sydney

698. SMITH Ann, Roslyn Castle, house servant, to G. B. Nicholls, Concord

708. SMITH Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, wash and iron, to the Rev. R. Forrest, Parramatta

702. SMITH Maria, Competitor, house servant, to Hester Slade, 24, George-street, Sydney

706. SMITH Sarah, Pyramus, housemaid, to Elizabeth Cox, Hobart Ville

701. STRANGE Mary, Pyramus, allwork, to Thomas Weedon, Harrington-street, Sydney

– T –

712. TACKOBERY Margaret, Forth, laundress, to Henry Bayley, South Creek

711. THOMPSON Mary, Palambam, allwork, to Hannah Hill, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

713. THOMPSON Mary, Palambam, wash,&c., to M. Campbell, Harrington Park

710. TURNER Mary, Kains, laundress, to Robert Martin, Serjeant 17th Regt., Sydney

– W –

715. WEATHERSTONE Catherine, Pyramus, house servant, to Mary Greig, Liverpool-st., Sydney

718. WELSH Ann, Lady Rowena, washer, to Thomas Henry Hart, Pitt-street, Sydney

716. WESTON Ann, Roslyn Castle, cook, &c., to R. C. Lethbridge, Parramatta

714. WILBY Matilda, Forth, house servant, to M. A. Kenyon, Sydney

719. WILLIAMS Ann, Rosslyn Castle, housemaid, to Elizabeth Marsden, South Creek

720. WILSON Mary, Princess Charlotte, house-maid, to John P. Lloyd, Liverpool

722. WINKWORTH Catherine, Lucy Davidson, cook and housemaid, to A. Raymond, O’Connel-street, Sydney

717. WHITEACRE Mary A. Kains, house servant, to Colonel Wall, Melville

721. WOODWARD Ann, Harmony, laundress, to John Ironside, Prince-street, Sydney

– Y –

723. YELLOP Ann, Louisa, house servant, to Ann James, George-street, Sydney

* Have been reassigned, not being duly sent for by the assignee.

Factory, Parramatta
22d August, 1832.

Source: List of Female Convicts Assigned Between the 1st and 30th April, 1832. (1832, October 17). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 345.


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