Note—The women opposite whose name this mark * appears have been re-assigned on account of not having been withdrawn within the prescribed period.

– A – 

1585. AGNEN Mary A. Hooghley, allwork, to Mary Ross, George-street, Sydney

1581. ANDREWS Ann, Pyramus, gen. servt., to W. P. Palmer, Maitland 

1584. ANDREWS Ann, Pyramus, allwork, to Andrew Doyle, Portland Head 

1582. ANDREWS Margaret, Pyramus, house servant, to T. V. Bloomfield, Maitland 

1583. AUSTIN Ellen, Kains, cook, to Captain Kersopp, 4th Regt., Parramatta 

– B –

1596. BARRETT Mary, Sovereign, house servant, to T. Bodenham, Sydney 

1592. BASWELL Margaret, Pyramus, house servant, to Captain Hunter, Sydney 

1594. BERRY Sarah, Earl Liverpool, wash, &c., to W. Edsell, Baulkham 

1586. BLACKMORE Mary, Rosslyn Castle, allwork, to D. Allan, Kissing Point 

1590. BOYD Jane, Burrell, laundress, to Lucretia Hely, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

1589. BRAZIL Bridget, Brothers, wet nurse, to W. Challenor, Kent-street, Sydney

1587. BRENNAN lsabella, Harmony, cook, to Mrs. Dulhunty, Bathurst 

1597. BRESLANN Judith, Forth, allwork, to Maria Ainsley, Sydney 

1591. BRITTAN Matilda, Earl Liverpool, needlewoman, to John Street, Bathurst 

1595. BROWN Catherine, Palambam, dairy, to Phillip Keefe, Burragarang 

1588. BUTLER Mary, Southworth, house servant, to T. Fitzgerald, Hunter-street, Sydney 

1593. BYRNE Judith, Elizabeth, dairywoman, to James Lally, Kent-street, Sydney 

– C –

1609. CALLAGHAN Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to James Farthing, Sydney

1615. CANNON Margaret, Sovereign, house servant, to H. Mansfield, Sydney 

1605. CAMPBELL Margaret, Lady Rowena, allwork, to John Keighran, Bargo

1608. CARBERRY Margaret, Edward, house servant, to C. Ralph, Sydney

1613. CARROLL Catherine, Burrell, needlewoman, to F. Sutland, Kent-street, Sydney 

1612. CARROLL Jane, Hooghley, house servant, to John McLoughlin, Sydney

1614. CARTHY Ann, Edward, laundress, to R. Bourne, Sydney

1606. CHARLES Mary Ann, Princess Royal, dressmaker, to Mary Weller, Sydney

1617. CLANCEY Mary, Princess Royal, wash, &c., to James Brackenreg, Sydney

1604. CLARKE Mary A., Mary (3), dairywoman, to John Armstrong, Wilberforce 

1602. CLARKE Sarah, Pyramus, allwork, to John F. Staff, Parramatta 

1611. COATE Catherine, Palambam, nurse, to Joseph Stedman, Parramatta

1599. COLLINS Mary, Burrell, allwork, to J. Eales, Hunter’s River 

1610. CONNELL Mary, Asia, laundress, to Mary Gordon, Sydney

1600. * CONNOLLY Catherine, Asia, wash, &c., to Lieut. Scarman, 39th Regt., Sydney 

1603. CONNORS Ann, Asia, house servant, to John Palmer, junior, Hambledon 

1601. CORCORAN Honora, Palambam, laundress, to John Groves, Parramatta

1616. CORNICE Mary, Pyramus, house servant, to J. Clarke, Windmill-street, Sydney

1598. COX Eliza, Edward, house servant, to John Foreman, Parramatta 

1607. CRONAN Elizabeth, Hooghley, laundress, to H. Howell, Sydney

– D –

1624. DARBY Ann, City Edinbro’, spinner, to Hugh McKeon, Parramatta 

1618. DAVIES Elizabeth, Harmony, allwork, to W. White, Parramatta 

1623. DEMPSTER Mary, Southworth, laundress, to John Jones, Darling Harbour, Sydney 

1626. DILLON Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to W. Phillips, Sydney 

1629. DONNELLY Ellen, Asia, laundress, to H. Denahy, Clarence-street, Sydney

1628. DONOHUE Catherine, Princess Royal, wash, &c., to Henry Palmer, Parramatta 

1620. DOWD Judith, Southworth, house servant, to F. Meredith, Liverpool 

1630. DOWD Judith, Southworth, allwork, to Benjamin Young, Liverpool

1651. DOYLE Eliza, Palambam, wash and iron, to James Brown, Sydney Glebe 

1625. DRAIN Ann, Burrell, house servant, to John J. Peacock, Portland Head

1619. DRISCOLL Ellen, Edward, laundress, to Christopher McGuire, Woolloomoolloo 

1622. DUNN Ann, Hooghley, house servant, to John Stephens, Clarence-street, Sydney 

1627. * DUNN Mary, Palambam, general servant, to Ellen Rochester, Sydney 


– E –

1632. ENGLISH Dorothy, Kains, laundry maid, to William Edney, Sydney 

1631. EVANS Mary, Hooghley, wash, &c., to W. Burgin, Parramatta 

1633. EVANS Mary, Hooghley, wash, &c., to Ann Smith, Pitt-street, Sydney 

– F –

1635. FARNLAND Mary, Lord Wellington, house servant, to J. Leonard, Cumberland-street

1638. FAY Margaret, Edward, washer, to John Rooney, Lower Minto

1641. FEE Susan, Hooghley, house servant, to Elizabeth Throsby, Liverpool 

1637. FERGUSSON Margaret, Palambam, house servant, to G. Coleman, Parramatta 

1642. * FERNEBOUGH Catherine, Pyramus, needlewoman, to S. Hamilton, York-street, Sydney 

1636. FINN Johanna, Edward, house servant, to John Cook, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 

1639. FLEMING Elizabeth, Asia, laundress, to Christopher M’Guire, Wooloomooloo 

1640. FOSTER Ann, Rosslyn Castle, cook, &c., to John Foreman, Parramatta

1634. FREER Catherine, Mary Ann, nurse, to Mary Barley, Parramatta 

– G –

1647. GARVEY Mary, Elizabeth, wash, &c., to Joseph Delandre, Windsor 

1645. GIBBON Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to Mary Meade, Airds 

1643. GORMAN Catherine, Sovereign, house servant, to W. Rossett, Stonequarry

1646. GOULDEN Ann, Pyramus, house servant, to W. Lackey, Parramatta 

1648. GRAHAM Mary, Princess Charlotte, laundress, to Catherine Slater, Sydney 

1644. GURNETT Elizabeth, Burrell, allwork, to Thomas Cain, Clarence-street, Sydney 

– H –

1651. HAFFY Eleanor, Hooghley, allwork, to W. Roche, Argyle-street, Sydney 

1650. HANDLIN Margaret, Kains, all work, to George Tate, Campbelltown

1655. HARRISON Charlotte, Harmony, wet nurse, to Dr. Rolland, 4th Regt., Parramatta

1652. HOGAN Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to Augustus Hayward, Parramatta 

1649. HOLMES Jane, Kains, housemaid, to Ann Campbell, Liverpool Road 

1654. HOOKER Sarah, Burrell, cook, &c., to Lieut, Gibson, Parramatta 

1655. HURLEY Ellen, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Patrick Murphy, Sydney 

– I –

1657. IRVINE Margaret, Asia, house servant, to A. McCann, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

– J – 

1661. JAMES Hannah, Lucy Davidson, nurse and sew, to Rev. J. Docker, Windsor

1656. JAMES Mary, Burrell, house servant, to Moses Solomon, Sydney 

1659. JARVIS Ann, Competitor, house servant, to Henry Austin, Ashfield Park

1663. JOHNSON Mary, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Elizabeth Handley, Market-street, Sydney

1660. JONES Elizabeth, Princess Royal, laundress, to Daniel O’Brien, Pitt-street, Sydney

1558. JONES Hannah, Burrell, sew and nurse, to F. E. Forbes, Liverpool 

1662. JONES Sarah, Pyramus, laundry maid, to Hannah Hill, Pitt-street, Sydney 

– K – 

1667. KAVANAGH Mary, Southworth, house servant, to Jane King, Parramatta

1666. KEANE Margaret, Hooghley, allwork, to T. Stubbs, Market Wharf, Sydney

1668. KEARNEY Ann, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to J. Williams, George-street, Sydney

1671. KEATING Mary, Southworth, wash, &c., to Michael Ryan, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

1670. * KEEFE Mary, Brothers, allwork, to D. Morris, Kent-Street, Sydney

1665. KEILLY Margaret, Southworth, laundress, to Richard Loseby, Bong Bong

1672. KELLY Ann, Burrell, wash, &c., to Mary McGlinn, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1669. KELLY Jane, Asia, cook, to H. B. Bowerman, Parramatta 

1664. KELLY Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Sarah Redfern, Lower Minto 

– L –

1673. LAHIFF Eliza, Forth, laundress, to Margaret Connor, Prospect 

1678. LEE Ann, Competitor, housemaid, to Elizabeth Shelley, Parramatta 

1674. LEE Mary (3), wash, &c., to Quarter Master Hannna, 4th Regt., Parramatta

1680. LEPARD Charlotte, Grenada, allwork, to Sarah Robinson, George-street, Sydney

1677. LINDSAY Ann, Southworth, housemaid, to Lewis Barnet, Sydney 

1675. LOUGHRAN Catherine, Forth, general servant, to W. E. Sampson, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1676, LUNN Mary A. Royal Charlotte, housemaid, to D. Campbell, Millers’ Point, Sydney 

1679. LYNCH Catherine, Hooghley, allwork, to Sarah McHenry, Penrith 

– Mc – 

1696. McALLISTER [McAllister] Ellen, Palambam, farm-house servant, to M. A. Easterbrook Waterloo Mills

1684. McANALLY [McAnally] Jane, Pyramus, dairy and laundry, to C. Brooks, Denham Court 

1685. McCAFFREY [McCaffrey] Sarah, Brothers, cook, &c., to John Handon, Cowpasture 

1693. McCARTHY [McCarthy] Catherine, Southworth, allwork, to Thomas Quigley, Parramatta

1700. McDONALD [McDonald] Jean, Earl Liverpool, laundress to Serjeant Martin, 17th Regiment, Sydney

1688. McEVOY [McEvoy] Jane, Grenada, house servant, to Charlotte Foley, Sydney

1687. McGARRY [McGarry] Selina, Southworth, house servant to John Condon, Sussex-street, Sydney 

1703. McGRATH [McGrath] Honora, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to Thomas Cribb, Richmond 

1701. McINDENAY [McIndenay] Bridget, Elizabeth, laundress, to Augustus Hayward, Parramatta 

1692. McKELVIN [McKelvin] Caroline, Burrell, house servant, to Thomas Byrne, Sydney 

1681. McNAMARA [McNamara] Ann, Palambam, needlewoman, to Robert Crawford, Prospect

1690. McNAMARA [McNamara] Mary, Southworth, housemaid, to A. J. Rutter, Parramatta 

1705. McMAHON [McMahon] Sarah, Hooghley, house servant, to John Grimstone, George-street, Sydney


– M –

1699. MADDEN Sarah, Asia, allwork, to Henry Ball, publican, Sydney 

1683. MALLETT Ann, Pyramus, needlewoman, to Ann Bunker, Argyle 

1686. MALONE Ann, Asia, house servant, to John Kenny, Bathurst 

1695. MALONY Mary, Hooghley, wash, &c., to Benjamin Lee, Parramatta. 

1697. MARTIN Mary A. Pyramus, house servant, to W. Dunshea, Prince-Street, Sydney

1694. MEADE Ellen, Hooghley, house servant, to Ann Sexton, Parramatta

1704. MECKING Mary, Burrell, general servant, to G. S. D. Evans, Bridge-street, Sydney 

1682. MILSON Susan, Princess Charlotte, cook, to Richard Loseby, Bong Bong 

1706. MULCAHY Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to C. H. Chambers, George-street, Sydney

1698. MULLENS Ann, Forth, housemaid, to John Sparke, Australian Hotel, Sydney

1689. MURPHY Bridget, Southworth, allwork, to Eliza Davies, Pitt-street, Sydney 

1691. MURPHY Margaret, Edward, dairywoman, to Bridget Munday, Windsor 

1702. MURPHY Margaret, Hooghley, laundress, to J. K. Macdougall, Baulkham Hills 

– N – 

1708. NEWTON Maria, Mary (4), allwork, to William George Barker, Sydney 

1707. NOLAN Frances, Forth, allwork, to Thomas Plunkett, Liverpool 

1709. NOWLAN Mary, Southworth, laundress, to William Phillips, Sydney 

– O –

1710. ORANGE Mary, Edward, allwork, to Richard Greenhall, Cumberland-street, Sydney 

– P –

1713. PEARCE Sarah A., Grenada, house servant, to John Palmer, sen., Hambledon 

1711. PENDERGAST Martha, Hooghley, wash, &c., to Malachy Ryan, Liverpool

1714. PHILLIPS Catherine, Pyramus, house servant, J. Myers, Prospect 

1712. PRICE Catherine, Palambam, general servant, to John Rossiter, Clarence-street, Sydney 

1715. PURCELL Abigail, Southworth, house servant, to Esther Slade, George-street, Sydney 

– R –

1716. READ Julia, Hooghley, allwork, to William Hodges, Kent-street, Sydney 

1719. REILLY Catherine, Hooghley, washerwoman, to Captain Kersopp, 4th Regiment, Parramatta

1717. ROBINSON Sarah, Southworth, house servant, to Andrew Petrie, Church-hill, Sydney 

1718. RYAN Ellen, Asia, needle servant, to James Prescott, Pitt-street, Sydney 

– S –

1721. SHAW Sarah, Rosslyn Castle, allwork, to N. L. Kentish, Parramatta 

1731. SHEEHY Bridget, Hooghley, house servant, to Alice Bayley, Sydney

1722. SHEPPERD Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Thomas Humphries, Lower Minto

1727. SHERREHEN Rose, Southworth, house servant, to Patrick Quin, 38, Clarence-street, Sydney

1728. SMITH Ellen, Hooghley, house servant, to John Leary, publican, Sydney

1732. SMITH Margaret, Pyramus, house servant, to Esther Lyons, Castlereagh-street, Sydney

1726. SMITH Sarah, Pyramus, house servant, to George Walpole, Windsor

1729. SOMERVILLE Susan, Burrell, house servant, to Rev. R. Forrest, Parramatta

1720. STAFFORD Margaret, B. Castle, house servant, to T. Reeves, Goulburn-street, Sydney 

1725. STEPHENS Honora, Southworth, wash, &c., to Percy Simpson, Parramatta

1724. SULLIVAN Ellen, Palambam, wash &c., to James Haley, Parramatta

1730. SULLIVAN Margaret, Kains, all work, to William Smith, Windsor

1723 SWEENEY Judith, Edward, allwork, to James Tabor, Campbelltown 

– T – 

1735. TALLENT Ann, Sovereign, all work, to John Kettle, Liverpool-street, Sydney

1736. TAYLOR Mary, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, to Emma Thompkins, Sydney

1734. THOMPSON Jane, Edward, house servant, to Joseph Buckley, Macquarie-street, Sydney

1733. TOOHEY Bridget, Forth, allwork, to George Acres, Heywood

– W –

1742. WADE Maria, John Bull, all work, to Edward Crook, Campbell-street, Sydney

1744. WARD Martha, Southworth, all work, to William Roberts, Hunter-street, Sydney

1738. WELSH Eliza, Southworth, house servant, to Benjamin Herbert, Prospect

1745. WELSH Honora, Elizabeth, nurse, to Robert Cooper, jun. Sydney

1739. WELSH Julia, Sovereign, house servant, to James Hamilton, Market-street, Sydney

1737. WILLIAMS Mary, Forth, house servant, to Margaret Hart, King-street, Sydney

1740. WILLIAMS Mary, Sovereign, laundress, to James Whitaker, George-street, Sydney

1743. WILSON Eliza, Pyramus, nurse and servant, to Mary Orchard, Sydney

1741. WELSH Ann, Pyramus, house servant, to James Connor, Campbell-street, Sydney

– Y –

1746. *YELLOP Ann, Louisa, house servant, to James Devlin, Sydney

Note—The women opposite whose name this mark * appears have been re-assigned on account of not having been withdrawn within the prescribed period.

Female Factory, Parramatta,
4th December, 1832.

Source:List of All Female Convicts Assigned and Transferred from the 1st to the 31st October, 1832 (1832, December 19). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 478.