Narrative and Recollections of Van Dieman’s Land

During a Three Years’
Captivity of Stephen S. Wright

Together With an Account of

The Battle of Prescott,
In Which He Was Taken Prisoner; His Imprisonment in Canada; Trial, Condemnation and Transportation to Australia; His Terrible Sufferings in the British Penal Court of Van Dieman’s Land; and Return to the United States

With a Copious Appendix,
Embracing Facts and Documents Relating to the Patriot War, Now First Given to the Public, from the Original Notes and Papers of Mr. Wright, and Other Sources

by Caleb Lyon, of Lyonsdale

New York:
J. Winchester, New World Press;
30 Ann Street

This book is in the public domain in Australia under the terms of the Australian Copyright Act 1968.
Source: The Internet Archive