Mrs Wickens Chicken Salad Recipe

Mrs Wickens Chicken Salad Recipe

First published in the "Women's Column" of the Freeman's Journal, 18th August 1894.

Mrs H. Wicken was a renowned Australian Cook who held a Diplomee of the National Training School for Cookery, London and was a Lecturer on Cookery to the Technical College, Sydney.


  • half a chicken
  • one gill of thick white sauce
  • one lettuce
  • six radishes
  • small salad
  • salad dressing
  • Hard-boiled eggs, for garnishing
  • Beetroot, for garnishing


    1. Cut up the chicken into small pieces and remove the skin, and dip it into the white sauce

    2. Arrange some salad on a dish, put over it a little dressing, and then some pieces of chicken, then more lettuce, radishes, etc.

    3. Continue this in layers till the materials are all used up, leaving plenty of salad for the top.

    4. Garnish with beet-root and hard boiled eggs.

Source: Women’s Column (1894, August 18). Freeman’s Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 – 1932), p. 16.