Letters from the Front

From 1914 to 1918, 416,809 Australians served their country in World War One. Many of these soldiers wrote home about their experiences and often these letters were published in local papers offering the community fragments of information about the lives of their family and friends at the front. This section is a direct link to the Anzac experience, where you can read about their observations, their struggles and the courage of those who served.

Black and white photo showing the main supply Depot at Anzac Cove WWI

A Soldier’s Diary of Gallipoli 1915

The writer is a young lawyer of Sydney. He has declined offers of military advancement preferring to serve in the ranks. This diary throws open the day-to-day life of the soldier at Gallipoli. There is something more intimate than is found in a hurried letter inspired by one sensational event. Our young lawyer became sick (one notes the record of his ailments with sympathy), and big things happened while he was away. His Diary was resumed when he returned to the Peninsula. Then come the entries relating to the wonderful evacuation. Continue Reading →