James Charles Armytage, Engraver and Printmaker

“James Charles Armytage” was an engraver and printmaker.  He regularly engraved drawings by John Ruskin for publication in Ruskin’s books, who regularly praised and thanked Armytage for his “consummate skill and patience” in carrying out the work for him, and described his works as “lovely” and “magnificent”.

It is interesting to note that no other record of “James Charles Armytage” exists. Armytage appears only as “J. C. Armytage” in works and the name may have been mistaken for John Carr Armytage, a landscape engraver (1802-1897).

Gallery: Engravings of James Charles Armytage drawings appearing in Edwin Carton Booth’s “Australia” published in 1873.


Provenance: “Australia” vols. I & 2, 1873; Edwin Carton Booth F.R.C.I. with drawings by (John) Skinner Prout, N. (Nicholas) Chevalier, &c. &c.Author: Edwin Carton Booth
Contributor: John Skinner Prout (1805-1876)
Contributor: Nicholas Chevalier (1828-1902)
Date of Publication: 1873
Volume: I
Publisher: Virtue & Co
Place of Publishing: London
Copyright status: Out of copyright
Courtesy: The British Library

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