In Their Own Words

Letter from the Front

From 1914 to 1918, 416,809 Australians served their country in World War One. Many of these soldiers wrote home about their experiences and often these letters were published in local papers offering the community fragments of information about the lives of their family and friends at the front. This section is a direct link to the Anzac experience, where you can read about their observations, their struggles and the courage of those who served.

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Read first-hand accounts of life in Australia’s yesteryears.

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At Home with our Ancestors

Travel into the past with this unique collection of recipes, advice and handy-hints from our ancestors.

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Echoes from the Bush

The Australian bush is iconically Australian. Bush poets such as Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson revered the bush as a source of national ideals and romanticised the bush in their poems. This section reproduces yarns, ballads and anecdotes rich with the spirit of the Australian bush.

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Aboriginal Legends & Folklore

Explore a collection of ancestral legends which form a part of Aboriginal oral tradition. Featuring stories of creation, the bush, animals, storms, floods, fire, thunder, the sun, moon and stars.

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Australian Poetry

Poetry has always played a dominant role in Australian writing. Many of Australia’s early poets wrote about their experiences in the new country, of the unique Australian landscape, about migration, love, family and mateship. Much of Australia’s most distinctive poetry and ballads originated in the outback reflecting on life in the bush and on the barren, dusty plains. While scores of Australian soldiers also wrote poetry responding to the horrors of the Great War and other conflicts. This section records the insightful, poignant and at times witty poetry, of our Australian bards.

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