First published in the ‘Queensland Times’, 26 February 1921.

How to Remove Mildew from a White Underskirt and Rust Stains from Fuji Silk.

Soap the mildew spots with a good household soap, moisten them, and spread the article in the sun. Leave it out day and night for about a weak, moistening the stains every day, more often in hot weather. Then wash and boil in the usual way. This method is nearly always successful if persisted in.

The rust stains may be removed by soaking them in lemon juice and holding them in the direct current of steam from a boiling kettle.

Another plan recommended is after soaking the stains in lemon juice to spread the article in the sun, and keep the spots moist from time to time whilst in the sun.

Source: WOMEN’S COLUMN. (1921, February 26). Queensland Times (Ipswich) (Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 5 (DAILY.).