1. Grote Street School opened 26 January 1874
  2. The Grote Street School staff (head master and assistants) in 1874.  Centre — The late Col. L. G. Madley (head master, who became Commissioner of Police.  Assistants:— Top Photo – Major George Scott, now in business at Bordertown.  Second Row — Mr John Harry, at present Senior Inspector of Schools.  Mr. T. C. Hayward (examination coach).  Next row — Mr. C. Maley, the only one of the group in charge of a school under the Education Department; and the late Mr. John Donnell.  At bottom — Dr. W. G. Torr, who became headmaster of Way College, and is now in charge of the Methodist College at Brighton.
  3. Teaching the teachers to teach — a group of students taken June 1924 with the Minister of Education (Hon. L. Hill) seated near to the centre of the second row from the bottom, supported by Dr. A. J. Schulz (Principal of the Training College).

Source: Teachers 50 Years Ago and To-Day—A Souvenir for the Annual Conference (1924, June 28). Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 – 1931), p. 34.