Gold Mining – The First Claim on the New Rush 1876

First published in the “Illustrated Sydney News and New South Wales Agriculturalist and Grazier” — Saturday 24 June 1876)

THE sketch given among our illustrations, under the above title, will recall recollections of a familiar scene to all who have ever been on a gold-field, especially when the exciting news is first whispered that some lucky prospectors have “struck gold.” How soon the intelligence, at first cautiously communicated from friend to friend, gains in volume and becomes circulated in all directions and to the most distant localities, is not a little extraordinary; but there almost appears to be some magical force at work when, the “red flag” — typical of the finding of payable gold — has once been hoisted, no matter in what locality, whether accessible or remote, inhabited or unknown. It is the signal for a “rush” instanter of the nomadic miner from all quarters.

Source: Gold Mining —The First Claim on the New Rush. (1876, June 24). Illustrated Sydney News and New South Wales Agriculturalist and Grazier (NSW : 1872 – 1881), p. 10. 


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