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Identify what records are available online in the largest Australian online records directory. Explore over 3,800 record and datasets with over 9,000 active links to online records and databases. Easily navigate obscure databases and archived websites with convenient access.

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Can’t find the record you’re looking for online? Discover hundreds of publicly accessible archives and repositories across Australia and their terms and conditions for access.  Includes historical societies, family history societies, museums, universities and church dioceses.

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An archive of free transcriptions and members-only databases.

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Grow your knowledge and skills with our Australia and UK Research Guides, articles and glossaries.


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Discover upcoming online family history webinars, talks, workshops, and courses on offer around Australia.


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Australian Ancestors – Family History Research Group“. Our community has over 16,000 members discussing all things related to ‘Family History’.

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The Members’ Research Interests area provides genealogists and family historians an online resource to find others researching the same family names.

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Downloadable family history worksheets.

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