Directory to Schools and Seminaries – Van Diemen’s Land – 1831

Committee of Management for the King’s Orphan Schools
The Venerable Archdeacon, Joseph Hone, Esq.
Afleck Moodie, Esq.
G. T. W. B. Boyes, Esq.
Rev. W. Bedford.
Rev. J. Norman.

Male Orphan School
Master, R. W. Giblin, Esq.
Matron, Mrs. Giblin.
Beadle, Mr. Laman.
Chaplain, Rev. James Norman.
Surgeon, J. Bryant, Esq.

Female Orphan School
Matron, Mrs. Clerke.
Sub-Matron, Mrs. Lansdell.
Chaplain, Rev. James Norman.
Surgeon, J. Bryant, Esq.

Elementary Schools
Master in Hobart Town, Mr. Thomas Stone
Mistress, Mrs. Stone.

Master at Launceston, Mr. John Headlam
Mistress, Mrs. Headlam
Teacher of Needle-work, Mrs. Kirk.

Master at Clarence Plains, Mr. Richard Holmes
Mistress at ditto, Mrs. Holmes.

Master at Sorell-town, Mr. Henry Batten.

Master at New Norfolk, Mr. W. J. Ring
Mistress at ditto, Mrs. Ring.

Master at the Back River, Mr. W. Macqueen
Mistress at ditto, Mrs. Macqueen.

Master at Glenarchy, Mr. Charles Tonge.

Master at Norfolk Plains, Mr. Powell
Mistress at ditto, Mrs. Powell.


IN HOBART TOWN — For Young Gentlemen
Hobart Town Academy, Melville-street, conducted by Mr. Thomson and Assistants.
Hobart Town Commercial Academy, Woodland House, Campbell-street, conducted by Mr. Dowsett and Assistants.
Mr. Sprent’s Academy, Liverpool-street.
Mr. Squire’s Academy, Argyle-street.

For Young Ladies.
Mrs. Midwood’s Establishment, Roxbro’ House, Elizabeth-street.
Mrs. Dowsett’s Establishment, Woodland House, Campbell-street.
Mrs. Rocher’s Seminary, Stanwell Hall, Melville-street.
Mrs. Abbott’s Seminary, Brisbane-street.
Miss Bamber’s Seminary, Davey-street.

IN THE COUNTRY. — For Young Gentlemen.
Grammar School, Norfolk Plains, conducted by the Rev. R. Claiborne, A. B. of Brazen Nose College, Oxford.
Grammar School at New Norfolk, conducted by the Rev. H. R. Robinson.

For Young Ladies.
Mrs. Clarke’s Establishment, Ellenthorpe Hall, near Ross Bridge.
Mrs. Powell’s Seminary, Norfolk Plains.
Mrs. Eager’s Seminary, Launceston.
Mrs. Sams’s Seminary, Kangaroo Point.

Source: The Van Diemen’s Land Almanack 1831; Hobart Town; Edited and Printed by Henry Melville, Colonial Times Newspaper Office


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