Directory of Clerical Establishment, Ecclesiastical & Benevolent Societies – Van Diemen’s Land – 1831

Hobart Town
Archdeacon of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, Rev. William Grand Broughton.
Chaplain, Rev. William Bedford.
Clerk, Mr. Robert Houshold.
Organist, Mr. J. P. Deane.
Churchwardens, J. Hone and A. Stephen, Esqrs.

Chaplain, Rev. W. H. Brown, L.L. D.
Clerk, Mr. –
Churchwardens, W. Kenworthy and T. B. Bartley, Esqrs.

New Norfolk
Chaplain, Rev. H. R. Robinson, M. A.
Clerk, Mr. W. J. Ring.
Churchwardens, E. Dumaresq and R. Officer, Esqrs.

Sorell Town
Chaplain, Rev. W. Garrard.
Clerk, Mr. Henry Batten.
Churchwardens, J. Gordon and W. H. Glover, Esqrs.

Green Ponds
Chaplain, Rev. R. Drought.

Norfolk Plains
Chaplain, Rev. Rowland Davies.

Clarence Plains and Kangaroo Point
Chaplain, Rev. R. Knopwood, M. A.

Catholic Priest, at Hobart Town
Rev. Philip Connolly.

Presbyterian Ministers
Hobart Town—-Rev. A. Macarthur.
Macquarie River—Rev. J. Mackersey.
Bothwell—Rev. J. Garrett.

Lecturers and Catechists
Jericho.—Mr. William Pike.
Green Ponds.—Mr. T. F. Gorringe.
Maria Island.—Mr. T. C. Brownell.
Registrar of the Archdeacon’s Court, A. Stephen, Esq.

President, His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor.

J. L. Pedder, Esq.
E. Abbott, sen. Esq.
Rev. R. Knopwood
Rev. W. Bedford
Rev. W. Garrard
Rev. H. R. Robinson
T. D. Lord, Esq.
Rev. J. Norman
Rev. Dr. Brown
Rev. A. M“Arthur.

Secretary, Rev. James Norman.
Treasurer, Jocelyn Thomas, Esq.

President, Rev. A. M’Arthur.
Treasurer, Mr. Henry Hopkins.
Secretary, Lieutenant Gunn.

Depository, Rev. A. M’Arthur.
Treasurer, Lieutenant Gunn.
Secretary, Mr. John Walker.

Treasurer, Mr. John Dunn.
Secretaries, Rev. Mr. Hutchinson, and Mr. Esh Lovell.
Missionary at Hobart Town, the Rev. J. Hutchinson;
at Macquarie Harbour, the Rev. W. Schofield.

The Rev. Frederick Miller, — a Minister in the above Connexion, and formerly a Student at Highbury College, near London, arrived in this Colony, September 22, 1830. In consequence of his arrival, a Subscription was entered into, with a view to the erection of a Place of Public Worship for the Friends of the Independent Connexion; and, until a suitable Building for that purpose could be provided, the large Room at Mr. J. P. Deane’s, Elizabeth-street, was engaged, and opened for Divine Service, October 17, 1830. The Rev. F. Miller continues to preach in the above Room three times every Sabbath.

Treasurer, J. Dunn, Esq.
Secretary, Mr. Esh Lovell.

A Committee of eight Gentlemen; also, four male and four female visitors.

This Society has for its object the relieving of the distressed of all denominations. Relief is given at their own dwellings only, where they are visited.

(Hobart Town Wesleyan Methodist.)
President, Rev. Mr. Hutchinson.
Treasurer, G. Turnley, Esq.
Secretary, Mr. T. J. Crouch.

In connexion with this Union, are four Schools, viz.:-one in Melville-street, one in Liverpool-street, one at O’Brian’s Bridge, and one at Sandy Bay; containing in the whole about 250 children.

Source: The Van Diemen’s Land Almanack 1831; Hobart Town; Edited and Printed by Henry Melville, Colonial Times Newspaper Office 


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