Top Row (L to R):
Commercial Bank
Fox & Gormly – Grocers, Ironmongers, General Storekeepers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Sydney House, Gurwood Street
The Phoenix Steam Flour Mills – J. Reynolds – Flour, Bran, Pollard, Maize, Oats, and Chaff for Sale – Wheat, and all descriptions of Colonial Produce, bought for Cash.
Lorimer and Martin – Grocers, Ironmongers, Drapers, and Clothiers, Fitzmaurice Street
Office of A. T. Bolton – Stock and Station Agent, Fitzmaurcie Street
John J. McGrath – Saddle and Harness Maker, Fitzmaurice Street
C. H. Crocker – Stock and Station, Financial, and General Commission Agent and Auctioneer – and – G. Millar – Tobacconist, Seedsman, Jewellery, Stationery, and Tobacco
Bank of New South Wales

Left Column (Top to Bottom)
Commercial Bank
Wm. Browe – Freemason’s Hotel, Fiztmaurice Street. First-class Accommodation
T. Edmondson & Co. – Importers, Licensed Spirit Merchats, Agents Mutual Life Association, Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company, Gurwood Street
C. Silverwood – Wholesale and retail Fishmonger and Fruiterer. Goods removed to any part of town or suburbs by Spring Vans. Fitzmaurice Street
C. E. Prescott – Watchmaker – Prescott’s Watch repairs give universal satisfaction. Fitzmaurice Street.
Australian Joint Stock Bank

Right Column (Top to Bottom)
Bank of New South Wales
Minchin & Rebello – Auctioneers. Agents for Insurance Companies, Wool Brokers, &c., Fitmaurice Street
H. Hayes – Britannia Steam Flour Mills, Junee and Clarendon Roads
Byrne’s Union Club Hotel – Fitzmaurice Street (Under the Patronage of the Governor)
H. J. Williams – Chemist and Druggist, Eye Lotion Depot, Fitzmaurice Street
M. Treacey & Sons – Murrumbidgee Brewery

Bottom (L to R)
Australian Joint Stock Bank
P. Moran – Grocer, Importer, and Ironmonger, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Gurwood Street
J. S. Roberts – General Draper and Outfitter, Fitzmaurice Street
J. Mitchelmore – Draper, Millinery, and Outfitting Establishment, Fitzmaurice Street
C. Corthorn – Importer of Drapery and Boots, Fitzmaurice Street
D. Copland & Co. – General Storekeepers, Fitzmaurice Street
E. Rand – Chemist, Importer of Genuine Drugs and Pure Chemicals, Fitzmaurice Street
Henry & Eddy – Merchants and General Storekeepers, Fitzmaurice Street – All kinds of Merchandise; best quality at lowest prices.
M. Treacey & Sons – Murrumbidgee Brewery

Source: Bird’s-Eye View of Wagga Wagga (1883, March 17). Illustrated Sydney News (NSW : 1881 – 1894), p. 1 (Supplment to the “Illustrated Sydney News”)