Banking Institutions Directory – Van Diemen’s Land – 1831

Bank of Van Diemen’s Land
President, A. F. Kemp, Esq.
Managing Director, T. Hewitt, Esq.
Directors, John Bell, Esq., David Lord, Esq., William Wilson, Esq., W. M. Orr, Esq., Charles M‘Lachlan, Esq.
Cashier, T. Y. Lowes, Esq.
Principal Accountant, Mr. Edward Wilkinson.
Assistant Accountant, Mr. Thomas Giblin.
Standing Counsel, Alfred Stephen, Esq. and J. T. Gellibrand, Esq.
Solicitor, George Cartwright, Esq.

Derwent Bank
Managing Director, W. H. Hamilton, Esq.
Directors, Stephen Adey, Esq., Patrick Wood, Esq.
Cashier, Stephen Adey, Esq.
Accountant, Mr. W. B. Leake.
Standing Counsel, Alfred Stephen, Esq.
Solicitor, Robert Pitcairn, Esq.

Commercial Bank
Proprietor, John Dunn, Esq.
Cashier, John Hiddlestone, Esq.

This Establishment discounts daily.
Interest is allowed for Money deposited upwards of six months.

Cornwall Bank, Launceston
Directors, W. Effingham Lawrence, Esq., Chairman, J. W. Gleadow, Esq., Thomas Reibey, Esq., T. Landale, Esq., Thomas Williams, Esq., William Barnes, Esq., Richard Dry, Esq., James Cox, Esq., A. Thomson, Esq.
Cashier, James Rankin, Esq.
Accountant, Mr. F. Champion.
Solicitor, John Ward Gleadow, Esq.

Source: The Van Diemen’s Land Almanack 1831 Hobart Town; Edited and Printed by Henry Melville, Colonial Times Newspaper Office


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