Australia at War

The legend of ANZAC was forged on the hills of Gallipoli in World War One. Here the ANZAC spirit was born, where Australian soldiers exemplified the notion of courage, endurance, ingenuity, good humour, larrikinism and mateship. This section records the horror and humour of Australians at war, discovered in the news and stories of the day.

Colourised Snapshots of Street Scenes in Sydney Following the Official News of the Armistice – November 1918

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1918, will rank as one of the most notable days in the world’s history, for at 11 o’clock on that morning the dreadful fighting which had lasted for over four years and three months came to an end. The actual close of the war was delayed many months, but the conditions of the armistice made it impossible for Germany to resume hostilities. Australia played an honourable part in WWI. Their gallant deeds made the name of Australia famed throughout the world. From the Commonwealth 326,00 men went to war, and of that number 61,720 made the supreme sacrifice, with another 137,013 wounded. Tuesday, 12th November, was a Federal holiday and Wednesday, 13th November, was a State Holiday. Nobody worked and Sydney celebrated. Continue Reading →


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