Per annum, with board and lodging.

Domestic and Dairy Servants – Female.
Barmaids, £28 to £30
Dairymaids, £18 to £23
General Servants, £18 to £26
Good Cooks, £26 to £30
Housekeepers, £23 to £26
Housemaids, £20 to £23
Kitchen maids, £18 to £21
Laundresses, £26
Nurses, £15 to £20
Nurse girls, £7 to £15
Upper Nurses, £20 to £26
Waitresses, £23 to £26

Domestic and Farm Servants – Male.
Boys about 13 or 14, to tail cattle, £12 to £15
Bullock drivers (Men) for stations, £45 to £50
Ditto, for the roads, £45 to £60
Ditto, for farms, £45 to £50
Gardeners, £40 to £60
General Farm Servants, £40 to £47
Hut-keepers (according to distance), £26 to £31
Married Couples, £55 to £60
Milkmen, £45 to £52
Ploughmen (single), £40 to £52
Shepherds, single (according to distance), £40 to £52

Per week, with the usual rations.

Bakers, £1 to £1 18s.
Barmen, 15s. to £1
Bush Carpenters, £1 to £1 5s.
Butchers, £1 10s. to £2
Confectioners, £2
Cooks (male), 15s. to 25s.
Grooms, 15s, to 20s., and occasional perquisites
Slaughtermen, £1 5s. to £2
Ostlers (with perquisites), 12s. to £1

Per scale below, without rations.

Brickmakers, per 1,000, without burning, 2s.
Fencers, per rod, 3 rail, 2s.6d. to 3s.
Sawyers, per 100 ft. cedar, 11s.
Ditto, per 100 ft. deal, 8s.
Stonebreakers, per cubic yard, 2s. 6d. to 5s. 9d.
Wire Fencing, per rod, 3 to 5 wires, and crossrail, 1s. 6d. to 2s.

Per day, without board and lodging.

Blacksmiths, 8s. to lOs.
Bricklayers, 8s. to 11s.
Cabinetmakers, 8s. to 10s.
Carpenters, 8s. to 10s.
Carriagemakers, 8s. to 10s.
Coopers. 8o.
Engineers, 9s. to 12s. 6d.
Galvanized ironworkers, 9s. to 10s.
Ironfounders, 13s. to 15s.
Labourers, 6s.
Masons, 8s. to lOs.
Millers, 10s.
Miners, 5s. to 7s.
Painters, 8s. to 10s. Plasterers, 8s. to 10s.
Plumbers, 10s.
Quarrymen, 7s. to 9s., and piecework
Saddlers, 7s. to 9s.
Shoeingsmiths, 8s. to 10s.
Shoemakers, 7s. to 9s.
Storemen, 7s. to 8s.
Tailors, 8s. to 9s.
Tanners, &c., 8s. to 10s.
Watch and Clock Makers, 12s. to 14s.
Wheelwrights, 9s. to 10s.

Per week, without rations.

Carters, £2 2s.

Shearers, from 17s. to 20s. per 100 sheep, according to distance.

Source: Adelaide Almanack Town and Country Directory 1864 – Courtesy: State Library of South Australia